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Start your own business…Selling glamorous Jewelry and Accessories Gain financial independence and earn extra income.

Travel, meet new people and change your lifestyle or add a new Dimension!

My business has enabled me to be financially independent and travel the world to exotic and glamorous places like Indonesia, Thailand, Africa, India, Caribbean, and Palm Beach, for the past 20 plus years.

An initial investment of $2,500 will start you on your way!

Receive a step-by-step promotional package of marketing materials, i.e. press releases and our recognizable logo for your personal stationary, and business cards.

Choose the sample inventory of designs that you would like to sell from my web site: www.vhorn.com at 40% off the retail price listed on the site.

Selling and Marketing Strategy – How it Works …
Setting up “trunk-shows” of “your” jewelry and accessories at private parties has been proven the most lucrative way to sell. Sales venues could be coffees, luncheons or cocktail parties with your friends, family, and business associates—organized locally, around the country or around the world. Charity events, fundraisers, sporting events, schools or country club events are also a great place to sell our glamorous jewelry and accessories. Let your imagination run wild.

Other Options
Working out of your home, marketing for the Valerie Peyton Horn Collection by telephone. This would be setting up show schedules. The shows and numbers would all be provided. Assisting with sales at shows as my representative on a contract basis.

Please write, call or e-mail me personally to discuss the next steps:

Valerie Peyton Horn
20 Meeker Court
Rowayton Connecticut 06853
Tel: 203 866-9242
e-mail: vphcol@optonline.net

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